In Halmstad, good fishing is always close at hand. Careful fisheries conservation with, for example, salmon ladders along the Nissan river has made Halland one of Sweden’s largest fishing regions. Let’s get going!

Fishing for pike, perch, roach and rainbow trout

Pike, perch and roach can be found in most lakes around Halmstad. In the scenic Simlångsdalen valley, there are many lakes to choose from. Gyltigesjön, Töddesjön, Simlången and Brearedssjön are just some of these. Then, there are also parts of the Fylleån river. Buy a fishing permit for all the lakes online or at Tallhöjdens Värdshus.

Rainbow trout have been released in certain lakes. The beautiful Torvsjön and Toftasjön lakes are in Skedalaskog. They offer a wide range of fish. Rainbow trout, pike and perch are all likely to bite. This leafy setting is full of barbecue areas and walking trails. A fishing permit is required to fish in Torvsjön and Toftasjön.

Our lakes are also wonderful for a cooling dip. We have collated tips on bathing-friendly lakes in a separate guide.

Salmon fishing

The most popular salmon fishing places are the Nissan and Fylleån rivers. At 186 km, the Nissan is one of southern Sweden’s longest rivers. Active fisheries conservation was started here as early as the 1970s. Now, salmon are once again reproducing naturally in the Nissan’s rushing waters. A fishing permit for the Nissan can be bought online or at Halmstad Tourist Centre.

The Fylleån river runs from Småland to the Laholmsbukten bay. Salmon and salmon trout can be fished between the bay and the garden city of Brogård. Fishing permits can be bought online or at Halmstad Tourist Centre.

Sea fishing

Sea fishing is free and you do not need to buy a permit. The use of poles and rods is permitted. However, if you are standing in, for example, the mouths of the Nissan or Fylleån rivers, you must face the sea. Without a fishing permit, you may not stand facing upstream.

Fly fishing

You may fish with casting or fly rods in the Vinnalt’s fly-fishing waters just north of Simlångsdalen. Vinnalt offers various sorts of fishing packages, courses and accommodation in a fantastically beautiful setting. Fish and nature are in focus here.

Bockalt has seven ponds into which rainbow trout have been released for fly fishing. For a glorious experience in Halmstad’s wilderness, book a full day at Fiskepuben with a gang of your friends or buy a day-permit.

Fishing gear

Fishing gear and equipment for the outdoor life can be bought from, for example, Wittlocks Sportfiske, Go Nature and XXL.

Fishing permits

It is easy to buy fishing permits at Halmstad Tourist Centre or via Relax Fishing Sweden or iFiske.

  • Nissan: Halmstad Tourist Centre or online via Relax Fishing Sweden.
  • Fylleån: Halmstad Tourist Centre or online via iFiske.
  • Torvsjön: Halmstad Tourist Centre or online via iFiske.
  • Toftasjön: Halmstad Tourist Centre or online via iFiske.
  • Simlångsdalen’s lakes: Tallhöjdens Värdshus or online via iFiske.

Relax fishing Sweden

The municipality of Halmstad is a part owner of Relax Fishing Sweden, a for-profit. association with the goal of collaboratively working for the sustainable development of our fishing waters while also creating growth and jobs

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